10 Reasons To Believe In Astrology

10 Reasons To Believe In Astrology

We live in the present, but keep fancying only about the future, for sure! And tomorrow, with its endless promises, seems to hold a much greater attraction for us, than today, with its hard realities. So, knowing what is there in store for them in the future has remained an almost insatiable desire for humanity, from time immemorial. True to this, there can hardly be anyone who may not be interested to know something about their future, and what hidden secrets it holds for him or her. This urge to know about the future doesn't anymore remain a mere desire; but has assumed the proportions of a necessity or obsession, for long. And 'necessity is the mother of invention!' And so, astrology was born to fulfill this need. For, astrology seems to hold in it, an answer to this obsession, and provide an opportunity for one to peep into the future, near and far. This aspect remains astrology's USP, the Unique Selling Point! And naturally, this ability to foresee and forecast also remains the prime, number 1 reason, for people to believe in that system.

Astrology is Much More Than Belief

But astrology is not mere surmises and beliefs. But it is a well-established science based on the study of the positioning and movements of the  heavenly bodies like planets, stars, etc. Our ancients, through their keen observations and meticulous calculations, found that these celestial entities have a strong bearing on the lives, fortunes, and future of human beings.  Their study can help one know about the course that a person's life may take and about many of the critical events that may take place in his or her life. This gradually evolved into a science founded on sound logic and has since grown into the well-respected system of Vedic Astrology. There are enough reasons for astrology to be so popular among the masses and accepted and practiced in a majority of the countries of the world. It is its ability to make one know about what awaits him or her in the days to come tops this list of reasons!

Reasons For Belief In Astrology - Top 10

Now, let us try to know about the Top 10 reasons for people's belief in astrology!
  1. Life is an intriguing phenomenon, wherein no one can know for sure what may happen to him or her, even the very next moment. But astrology seems to unravel this mystery to whatever extent possible, with its amazing ability to look into the days to come. And this incredible expertise that astrology seems to possess, in knowing about the unknowable, remains the number 1 reason for the belief that people have in it and its wide-acceptance.
  1. 'Hope' remains as one of the greatest of positive sentiments. However bad a person's current state of affairs may be, as long as there is a nurturing hope in the heart that the future may be better, he or she can overcome the uncertainties of the present, march on the course of courage and confidence, and fight it out, in life. And what better device can there be than astrology, which can instill this hope in anyone's heart, and rejuvenate, strengthen, and prepare the person to take on life, head on?
  1. 'Forewarned is forearmed' – this famous saying makes a lot of sense. This means, prior knowledge or intimation in advance of any possible problem or danger can prepare a person to face it well, both physically and psychologically. And astrology provides this service to the people, preparing them mentally and giving them a tactical advantage in tackling impending difficulties.
  1. People might have gained knowledge and acquired skills about various things in their profession and personal life. But they may hardly be knowing much about themselves – their own strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, etc. Astrology can hold a mirror in this regard so that they can see for themselves, where they stand and what their characteristics are. Astrology can thus throw light on oneself, remain an invaluable self-guide for people to know themselves, and propel them towards betterment.
  1. As a logical next step, astrology can help a person to know about the reasons for his or her failures, as also successes. The individual can thus get an opportunity for introspection, through which he or she can evaluate and find out what went right or wrong, and why. This can, therefore, provide an opportunity for course-correction.
  1. 'Faith' can be a factor that can take a person across difficult times, and the faith in God can work even wonders in life. When a person's horoscope is studied, and predictions are made in astrology, it is usually accompanied by advice on remedies, to tide over the problems. Through these remedies, people generally seek divine blessings by visiting temples, offering worships, and performing some austerities. While such prayers can help them receive divine grace and solve or minimize problems to various extents, these can also strengthen people's faith in God and help them to face the travails of life with confidence.
  1. The scriptures assert that what we face in life now, are only the results of Karma, our past deeds. Astrology, in its own way, highlights this fact and conveys to us the eternal truth that virtue will be rewarded and vice punished. Thus, it can spur people to perform good deeds, refrain from sinful acts, and lead a life of virtue.
  1. By giving periodic inputs about the things one can expect in the course of life, astrology can remain a friend, philosopher, guide, and committed adviser for life.
  1. Our saints, sages, and scriptures have highlighted since ancient times about the inevitability of fate. Astrology can drive home this ultimate truth forcefully and make people accept life as it comes, stoically. This can bestow them with immense peace.
  1. Astrology is not a fiction based on myths but is a science that rests on logical conclusions and mathematical calculations. This has been in practice for thousands of years, and its practitioners have successfully predicted many of the world's significant happenings precisely and in advance. This makes astrology believable and acceptable even by the younger generations.
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