10 Tools For Instagram Marketing

10 Tools For Instagram Marketing

In addition to the fact that most of them have millions of followers who share their content and demonstrate their strong loyalty every day, they use certain marketing tools for Instagram that allow them to generate more audience and capture the attention of new followers. Do you want to follow the example of a brand like  Brandy Melville, who managed to accumulate almost four million followers on Instagram? Do you want to become the clone of the famous influencer Tim Karsliyey, founder of Daily Rose, who is devotedly followed by more than a million people? Then, you must sharpen your aim. It is not just about optimizing your user profile on Instagram and publishing relevant content. It's about establishing a marketing strategy, and to optimize the results of that strategy, you will not be alone. Read Also: WHY MARKETING ASSIGNMENT HELP IS EVERYTHING YOU NEEDED Before teaching you the best marketing tools for Instagram, we recommend that you read our guide to get more followers that will help you use this social network effectively. Today we present you 11 marketing tools to use on Instagram, the same ones that are being used by the most recognized companies and with the largest number of followers. You can also earn a large number of followers at affordable prices, just Buy Instagram followers .

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But, we always go for more, so we are also going to bring you some tips to make the most of Instagram Stories, as an effective step to increase your followers.  

TOP 10 Tools for Instagram

1. Magic Social

This tool allows you to create your Instagram account using two-way engagement. This means that you can not only choose who you want to follow, but you can also choose who you want to follow. The result is a curated follow-up that grows without the need for any intervention. Magic Social's level of customization in terms of audience demographics is something that cannot be achieved with other Instagram tools, so this tool is a must-have for people who want to build followers without sacrificing quality followers.

2. Grum

With this tool, you can perfectly schedule Instagram posts directly from your computer.   The software platform is web-based, so it is ideal for Instagram users who have a lot of content stuck on their computer, and which they cannot access from their mobile. In addition, it will allow you to schedule publications, subtitles, and comments in advance, which will facilitate the creation of your content without major headaches.

3. Owlmetrics

There are no longer doubts. The data that you can collect through your publications is a fundamental issue to grow your business on Instagram. This is as clear as the fact that the Earth is round. That is why it is important that you quickly collect, analyze, and react to data. This tool is an excellent Instagram analytics platform because it is capable of analyzing your performance on Instagram with respect to follower growth and subsequent engagement, including Instagram Stories. It will also help you determine the best time of day to publish content, which is not a minor fact, and that, to tell the truth, is a topic that not even the most important marketing strategy specialists agree on.


You should never lose sight of the fact that Instagram is the social network whose greatest impact is visual. Therefore, you should focus your efforts on creating visual content, which should also be surprising. This tool will allow you to edit images and videos so that they look like they were produced by a true professional. In addition, it is available for both iOS and Android, and you will enjoy using it because it has a very intuitive interface.

5. Later

Later offers storage and media scheduling features that you will end up loving. It's perfect if you need to create a complex content calendar on Instagram. The platform offers content management features like a Chrome extension, which will help you find and even repost content on Instagram.

6. Woobox

Approximately seventy percent of the most recognized brands use gamification as part of their marketing strategy. With Woobox you can create a contest that can help you increase your followers, collect potential customers and boost your sales.

7. Canva

If you are on the subject of social media marketing, we are sure you have already heard about this tool. It will allow you to create great-looking designs and multimedia files in just a few minutes. Many companies use this design platform to create their images for their social networks, without having to depend on professional designers.

8. Linktree

As you may already know, Instagram only allows users one opportunity to connect outside of the platform to another website. But here is the solution, as in everything, made the law, made the trap. Linktree is a free tool that converts one link into many, creating an intermediate landing page. This page allows visitors to choose where they land on the destination website. For example, if you have an online clothing store, the link may take users to a page with clothing options for men and women.

9. Ink361

Do you want to manage your content on Instagram, measure performance, and keep an eye on your competitors?  Here's the tool that will do all of that without even blinking. Since this tool is still in its early stages of development, they allow you to associate an account for free. In the world of digital marketing, it is known as the "all in one". It is a good tool for programming buy on Instagram. Although the platform is in English, it has a very intuitive and easy-to-use interface.

10. Juicer

This tool will allow you to integrate all your social networks on a single page. It can be easily embedded on any web page, to drive visitor traffic to your Instagram profile. The tool even includes filter options, making it easy to select the right content for your website's purpose. But we promised you more than just marketing tools for Instagram. We believe that Instagram Stories cannot be missing from your Instagram marketing strategy. Do you want to know why?


As Instagram continues to grow and evolve as an effective and powerful marketing platform, it is more important than ever that you develop effective marketing strategies. And that means having a deep understanding of the Instagram marketing landscape and a measurable insight into what works and what doesn't. At the end of the day, brands understand that they have a lot to gain when they strategize to build a brand on Instagram, whether that's growing an engaged community, reaching new customers, or even selling products.  

It just takes time and effort.

If you're really thinking about getting serious about your marketing strategy to grow your brand's presence on Instagram, it's a good idea to experiment with the tools mentioned above. Try one and the other, analyze the results and see which of them you feel more comfortable with and achieve more goals. Plan your feeds, manage all your photos and videos, closely track your followers, and automatically schedule your Instagram posts. With approximately 800 million monthly users, and growing, Instagram is fast becoming a very important marketing channel.   Using the tools described here, you can increase the number of followers on your Instagram account, improve the awareness and positioning of your brand, and therefore, increase sales. When you are present in someone's feed, you are more likely to influence their next purchase. Offer rewards through social media and create contests and incentives for people to sign up for your account. Finally, do not forget that from our site you can buy Instagram likes Australia for your publications, followers for your profile, reproductions for your Instagram videos and we also have auto likes packs, and you can buy comments for your photos and publications. Check out!

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