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How To Choose Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

How To Choose Best Webinar Platforms For Small Business

Webinars are the best most productive forms of content for developing leads, promotion of business, and increasing your conversions. Nowadays, many people want to do their work from home - webinar software is a very helpful tool for arranging online conferences and meetings with your team.

Advantages of webinar software tools :

  • Build your email list
  • Sell your webinars to make money 
  • Advertise your products
  • Product training
  • Arrange meetings online
  • Arrange online events and conferences 
  • increase your leads and conversions
Once you have decided that you actually need a webinar software, and an important question arises that which webinar Platforms software is best for you? There is a lot of webinar software to pick.  Here is the list of 5 best webinar platforms of your need.

5 Best Webinar Platforms For 2020

1. Livestorm 

This webinar software is known for its elegant interfaces for making many types of videos. Livestorm comprehends that webinars come in all sizes and shapes. Therefore, the platform offers various tools and modules for webinar styles, such as: * Online courses * Live events * Customer training * Product demos * Hiring sessions * Video podcasts * and more For example, the online course tool is helpful in organizing and managing classes, and also for communication. All these things make Livestorm a unique webinar software space.

2. Clickmeeting

The Clickmeeting webinar software is very helpful in preparing and inviting guests, analyzing everything, and interacting during the webinars along the way. The templates of this webinar software are more basic as compared to the other webinar software. It is a high-powered software with an affordable price tag. It provides a very simple user experience. The pricing of this webinar software is really very flexible for all the business sizes. It is the best webinar software for holding large groups of participants. This software has a variety of tools for creating forms, branding, and marketing.

3. Everwebinar

Business automation is the new standard, and Everwebinar makes the business automation easy for the average company. Both demanding and live webinars are easy with Everwebinar. You will be able to arrange both upcoming and past streams in an attractive online course format. The streamlined arrangement process contains items like emails, landing page templates, sign up forms, making of a feature-packed, and affordable webinar software. Everwebinar contains tools for tracking, building up your email list, and creating autoresponders. The tracking is advanced with things such as webinar behavior tracking, purchase ratios. You can directly check the amount of money you have made. Read also: HOW TO FIND THE BEST EVENT ORGANISER IN DUBAI

4. Zoho Webinars

The Zoho webinar software is known for its affordable and simple products. It is a part of the Zoho Meetings software. It creates opportunities for smaller companies to have webinars at a cheaper rate. It is undoubtedly the most modern and the cleanest interface in the list of best webinar software. It contains feedback tools such as polling and Q&As. Webcam sharing is also there. It also informs you about tracking participants. This software has excellent customer support. Ultimately, it is a small business webinar software with tighter budgets, or for the companies having fewer participants.

5. GoToWebinar

GoToWebinar is one of the best and most popular webinar software for many reasons. It belongs to the people behind LogMeln and trading with the GoToMeeting software. This is undoubtedly the best software for video Communications. It contains promoting and planning tools such as scheduling, webinar templates, and excellent branding. Some of the best tools of the business are marketing and analytic tools. I hope this blog will help you to decide on which webinar platform you can opt for or which platform will be suitable for you.

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