6 Items Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

6 Items Of Jewelry Every Woman Should Own

When it comes to clothes we all love a good trend or two but jewelry is another case. Sure, the joy of a good statement earring or a trendy choker is not to be messed with but will it match the elegance of pearls or the luxury of diamonds? We don’t think so!

Here are our Top 6 Jewelry Must Haves for Women of All Ages!


Now, I am not talking about one of the gold chains Leonardo Dicaprio rocked in Romeo & Juliet or those chunky 50 Cent chains with a dollar sign, I am thinking a little bit more understated and very timeless. Sorry, rose gold chains don’t count.

You can pick the length depending on your personal preference but we especially love a longer chain. You can wrap it around your neck to create a choker, layer it or even tie in a knot. The options are endless and that way, when trends change, so can your necklace.


Not just the dream of every teenager growing up in the 90s but also a staple for women all around the world. The dainty tennis bracelet will grow with you and makes for the ideal gift for your loved ones or well, for your self. You can splurge and go for a diamond version or save your pennies and go faux.



Like I mentioned above, Pearls are timeless and above all a testament to elegance. Treat yourself and get a pair of classic pearl earrings or studs to always have versatile earrings to throw on with any outfit from your faux fur vest to that power pantsuit.

We recommend going the extra mile and getting a pair of real pearls since cheap versions are never the same.


Everyone talks about having a little black dress but you know what everyone needs is a BSR, Big Statement Ring, to wear with that LBD!

You can go classic or edgy or trendy or everything else in between but getting yourself a statement ring is a must have. It makes getting ready for those awkward work dinners so much easier and since it is never considered ” too much” you are always protected from the ” what was she thinking” looks!


Clear up your schedule because you are going to have to go on a hunt for the perfect set of rings that delicately stack together to create a unique jewelry piece. You can go DIY and create your own set or buy a premade one.

If wearing 6 rings on the same finger isn’t really your thing- which to be honest, is a hard idea to wrap one’s heads around, you can just wear a ring on each finger. The impact will be diluted but this variation is trendy and very wearable.


We love a budget friendly buy but some pieces need to be justified with the price tag and this one has to be it. A well made watch truly deserves its own article but to summarize it all, you need to find the watch made for you.

Add your own personality with this piece.

Do you love color? Go for a watch face with a bold accent,

A fan of leather? Go for a leather strap.

Don’t follow the trends of chunky watches if that doesn’t call to you, pick what is best for you and instantly create a style statement that will last you a lifetime with semi precious gemstones jewelry.

Faisal Rafique

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