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7 Factors That Can Affect The Speed And Quality Of Internet Connection

7 Factors That Can Affect The Speed And Quality Of Internet Connection

One of the most common complaints is that the internet just isn’t fast enough. But if you’re frustrated, you don’t have to place all the blame on your internet service provider or the NBN. There are plenty of other things you can do to improve your experience.


The type of connection you have to your home, whether you connect broadband or ADSL, or cable, will impact your internet speed. To change this would mean changing ISPs. And that can come with some costs or inconvenience as you wait for the switch to happen.


This article is all about making your internet faster with techniques you can do yourself. Stay intact as we dive deep into the article:




In this new era, hard-wired connections are the best way to ensure you have a high-quality connection. Though it has gotten much faster, Wi-Fi is simply no match for an Ethernet cable. You should use a cable to connect devices like smart TVs and game consoles whenever possible. 


This isn’t always possible, but when it is, you’ll see a major difference. People building a new home should run Cat 6 cables throughout the house and to every TV point so that TVs and other related hardware like set-top boxes and game consoles can be hardwired.




Modern devices are faster than ever, but they also place a heavier burden on networks, which can slow things down. If older devices are around, they could be slowing the internet down for everyone else. Devices with slower processors and old electronics might be putting a drag on your connection.




Your computer is running slow. Could it be malware? There are a few things to consider before you go ahead and pitch your computer. First, you have to ask, "Am I downloading data without my knowledge?" Has your bandwidth been maxed out lately? Spyware is designed to make your computer slower and connect to the internet without your knowledge. If this is the case, make sure you're running an internet security suite and avoid opening suspicious email attachments.




Your old router is slowing down your network. The latest routers have 802.11 wi-fi standards that can keep up with the needs and speeds of today’s users. If your router is more than three or four years old, it might be time to buy a new one. Newer routers also have stronger antennas that can affect the wi-fi range inside your home.




In this new era, wi-fi network coverage and responsiveness are critically important. When your internet connection is installed, it’s important to be as close to the modem as possible to get a strong signal. Walls, doors, and other physical objects can slow down the availability of your wi-fi signal and reduce your bandwidth. The router should be located in an open area.




As you surf the internet, you might believe that your own connection is the cause of any slowdowns. But in reality, it's not your connection — it's the host server. Without a powerful server or proper configuration, your surfing experience will be sluggish.




The type of connection you receive from your ISP can greatly affect your internet speed. For example, you connect broadband which is faster than an ADSL connection. But, depending on where you live in the world, that might not matter at all. In some places around the world, the internet speed will only be as good as the slowest link in the chain.


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When your internet is slow, the common suspects are poor Wi-Fi, an infected computer, or your ISP (Internet Service Provider). However, there are a handful of other things that can also affect your connection or slow it down. Additionally, sometimes hardware can be the cause of slow internet speed. Broadband connection, malware, old router, and router location can also down your internet speed. So, make sure to look at this list mentioned above while facing an internet speed problem. 

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