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7 Tips For Old People To Live Healthy Lifestyle In Hot Weather

7 Tips For Old People To Live Healthy Lifestyle In Hot Weather

When the temperature rises up during summer, old people start feeling uncomfortable and prone to heat-related threats such as dehydration and sunburn. During the summer, people love to do gardening, cook delicious food, and enjoy the great outdoors. But heat wave can leave harmful effects on your body, especially to aged people. It is a scientific fact that seniors cannot sweat as younger people can. Extra sweating in old people may lead to dehydration and also results in various cardiovascular diseases such as heart attack, stroke, or kidney failure. Therefore, it is imperative to stay hydrated by taking a lot of fluid and salts to accommodate big losses in your body.

Drink Plenty Water

Dehydration is the biggest issue for health problems in aged people. therefore, during summer season everybody should drink a lot of water and do not wait to feel thirsty. set a target for a day and try to achieve that objective. All doctors around the ord advised that during summer season everyone should drink plenty and a variety of liquids. By taking a lot of water and other liquids your body will help in maintaining electrolyte balance. Water in your body will reduce the concentration of urine and also reduce the irritation in the bladder and reduces your trip to the restroom. You should keep plenty of sweat replacement drinks, such as Gatorade, on hand and drink them when you're sweating more than usual.

Reduce Caffeine Intake

You should skip your usual iced tea or coffee during hot weather as it can lead to dehydration in your body. To keep your body hydrated reduce caffeine consumption. summer. This caffeine affects your kidneys and acts as a diuretic that reduced the amount of water level inside our body. Moreover, this caffeine also acts as bladder irritant and increases the number of your trips to your washroom. Spending your much time in the washroom during summer is not a good idea. Therefore, everyone, especially aged people should drink plenty of water and other healthy drinks and cut off caffeine.

Dress Up In Layers

If you have a busy schedule and you're going back and forth whole day in scorching summer heat then it is really a good idea to dress up in different layers. It will help you in adjusting your clothes accordingly. Moreover, it ensures high comfort level when you have a busy schedule. To maintain the indoor environment, install air conditioning Sydney. It will protect your house form heat waves and maintain ideal interior temperature. Try to wear lightweight clothes, your fabric should in breathable. You should wear natural fabric such as cotton that let your skin breathe properly.

Protect your Body From Sun Exposure

If the sun is blazing hot, then it would be better to stay inside your house and prevent your body from direct sum exposure. Do you know that direct exposure may lead to overheating, dehydration, and sunburn? Try to stay at the place which is cool and comfortable. If you do not ducted air conditioning Sydney the go outside for a movie. It will make you feel relaxed and happy. You can also head out to the mall, or your local senior center where you can enjoy the cool atmosphere and take advantage of air conditioning. If you are going out then do not forget to wear sunscreen to prevent your skin from sunburn and also wear a hat and sunglasses.

Switch To Cool & Healthy Edibles

Nobody likes to spend their time inside the kitchen when there is blazing heat of summertime. Moreover, turning up your stove will add more heat inside your kitchen and that may not sound too appetizing. Therefore, during summer you should try some healthy cold dishes rather than cooking hot dishes. Switch to cold fresh salads loaded with green vegetables and healthy fruit, sandwiches, fruit smoothies, and hard-boiled eggs. These items will make you feel nourishes and also help you in maintaining your room temperature.

Say Bye To Extreme Heat

During summer you should take an extra cool shower to bring down your body temperature. Taking bath especially before going to your bed will bring down your body temperature and help you sleep well the whole night. Due to evaporation, our body temperature reduces. You can also soak a small towel or cloth in cool water and drape it around your neck or on top of your head to help cool down when you need it, especially if you're outdoors and can't get back inside into the air conditioning.

Turn On Air Conditioning

When it's really hot, immediately turn on the air conditioning system, especially when you are going to sleep, to help you stay comfortable and get a good night's rest. Our body temperature naturally decreases during the night to improve sleep. Being too hot at night will make it difficult to fall asleep and stay asleep. If you don't have air conditioning, turning on fans and opening up the windows in your home to allow cool air to circulate and help you cool down with a breeze from the outdoors.

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