Be Your Kind Of Beautiful Because You Only Admire And Cherish Yourself Truly

Be Your Kind Of Beautiful Because You Only Admire And Cherish Yourself Truly

Social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook etc. give ample opportunities to people to share part of their lives with others, to talk, to meet new people, to tell others what they are eating, wearing or roaming around!

But to such an extent of exposure, comes hatred, hurtful comments about how you look, what you wear; if you are not up to the standards set by society! If you are thin, have skimpy legs or small chest, then you are defined as someone who is not enough feminine. If you are plump with heavy thighs and a huge chest, you are considered a sack of potatoes or again, not feminine. Same applies to the male part of the society too. Having long or short hair, having or not having body hair and what not else is something about which we as individuals are less bothered while the entire world is worried like hell!

But do we really need to think about haters? Should the thought, “What others would think?” bother us to greater heights? Maybe? Maybe not?

The answer is definitely NOT!
Be Your kind of Beautiful because You only Admire and Cherish Yourself Truly

We should not be how others define us to be, our body, skin color or hair must not be of others’ business. We need to feel beautiful about ourselves, comfortable in our skin and happy about our insecurities because they make us strong and not feel bad if we don’t have something which others have. Every single person on this planet is different, one cannot be like others, it’s just a myth that you can mimic others and attain a certain level of happiness and satisfaction.

Body shaming is something which is worth considering in a time where a definite butt size, defined boobs, perfect jawline and maybe no-scar-on-your-body is havoc. Many of us have been through it at one point of time in our lives. But there are a lot of people out there who are standing against body shaming and making people confident and “Be your kind of beautiful”.

Aditya Verma, a body painting artist is someone who seems to draw a good clientele base wherein people want to tell stories through their bodies, exposed in the way that makes them feel confident about themselves and not ashamed of. Similarly, Alisha Dutt Islam, a botanical illustrator uses varied floral species to showcase human imperfections which is not only making her popular amongst women who have been through body shaming but also feel natural about who you are and how you are. One amongst this lot is Toshada Uma, a model, standing at 4 feet 8 inches, is breaking stereotypes with her timid frame, not an ideal frame in the world of modeling.

But the entire motto behind writing about this is to feel pretty about yourself and confident in who you are because how others govern you won’t change the inner you and what matters the most is how you're internal you are!

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