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Best Plugins For Google Chrome For Digital Marketers

Best Plugins For Google Chrome For Digital Marketers

Google Chrome plugins or extensions are small software programs that make our job easier and more productive. There are numerous Google Chrome extensions accessible nowadays; let's examine a few of the most useful plugins that enhance the entire web browsing experience.



Grammarly is an extension for Google Chrome that is used by more than 10 million people. It is a popular spell-checking tool for writing that identifies and corrects numerous problems as you compose text. It ensures that your documents are error-free by detecting grammatical and punctuation errors. Grammarly also accurately detects instances of plagiarism. You can also easily comprehend its explanations. There are both free and paid versions.


It is a great SEO add-on for Google Chrome. It allows you to analyze Search Engine results pages, analyze link profiles, and investigate competitors. It is among the top SEO tools. Additionally, you can personalize Mozbar stats. You may view domain and page authority scores when using Mozbar; you can also monitor the links.

SEO Quake

For digital marketers, SEO Quake is a free and powerful SEO tool extension. Among its many benefits are the following: you may assess the keyword difficulty, do an SEO audit, examine your social analytics, and verify keyword density. In addition to SEO internal/external link analysis and social metrics, it also offers additional essential features.

Save to Pocket

Save to Pocket is a Google Extension that adds a button to your toolbar that allows you to save any website or article with a single click. Any page you save to Pocket gets added to your list, which you can access at any time. It is available in both a free and a paid edition. It synchronizes immediately with your device.


Buffer facilitates the scheduling and management of your postings. Using the Buffer plugin, many social media accounts may be managed. You can specify any time and date for sharing a post. You may quickly modify your changes and select the social media site on which to publish them. It also has a mobile app. Using this plugin, you may view which post received the most engagement.


Bitly This Google Chrome extension is used to shorten the link of any page, not just this one. This can also be used as a marketing tool to track links from other sites or to view the site's referral links. Bitly is a fully free, safe, and dependable application that is utilized by numerous internet marketers.


Using Hunter, you can find Email Addresses on the web, as well as contact information such as names, phone numbers, and social networks when you visit a website. You can quickly add such leads to your list. When you create an account, you get access to 50 free searches each month, after which you can purchase upgrades.


Buzzsumo is one of the most popular plugins among digital marketers, as it enables them to discover the most recent information posted on Google sites, which is a must-have skill for digital marketers. It is a tool for monitoring and analyzing the most popular material. On this page, you can search for any topic or term.

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