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Best Way To Create An Email Account Without Phone Number

Best Way To Create An Email Account Without Phone Number

Enter your phone numberis something that most people hate while signing up for an email address. Nowadays, almost everyone owns an or more email account for different purposes, but providing a phone number along with all the other personal details is not entertained by everyone. Isn’t it offering a phone number is too personal things? undoubtedly, it is! That is the reason why some people want to register for an email address without offering their phone number. Are you also one of them?  Is creating an email without phone number is possible? Of course, it is! If you are searching for ways to get an email address without phone verification, you are on the right page! Read ahead to know how you can create an email without a phone number using multiple email service providers. 

Why do email companies ask for a phone number for email sign-ups?

Most Email service provider companies ask for your phone number to ensure a smooth sign-in in case you happen to forget your email password in the future. But you can name it as a medium of two-factor authentication for the protection of your account and the data. Also, a phone number allows companies to scan your contacts and other details associated with your account to make sure no fake activity is attached to it. 

Create an email without phone number verification

These are some of the famous email services that allow their users to create email address without phone number verification. Pros and cons of each email service provider are mentioned altogether for your ease. 

1. GMX (Global Mail eXchange) Mail

GMX Mail service is run by a reputed company in Germany since 1997. Users of GMX can access their mail account through IMAP and POP protocols or a web browser. Additionally, they can also create a free email without phone number Specifications: Unlimited storage space, Free email without phone verification  Limitations: allows only 50MB attachments, shows up advertisements, asks for an alternative email for sign up 

2. Mail.Com email service provider 

You can create a free email account within 3 minutes using you can access email on any device, including a free mobile app. Additionally, its services are fast and hassle-free to use.  Specifications:  Free email, offers a free mobile app, supports online office suite for free, get your desired email address within 3 minutes Limitations: allows attachments up to 30MB only, 65GB of total storage for free users, asks for an alternative email address for registration 

3. ProtonMail 

ProtonMail is owned by ProtonMail that a listed company in Switzerland. But you will be amazed to hear its special feature that barely any other email service provider offers you.  And, That is Encryption-emails! That means you can send password-protected emails to others users, which will expire after a certain period.  HOW DO I ADD A NEW GMAIL ACCOUNT TO MY IPHONE? Specifications: encrypted emails service, free email without phone number,  Limitations: you can send up to 150 emails a day, offers 50MB of storage space only

4. Tutanota email services 

Tutanota email services are some of the better email services to offers free email account with anonymous registration and encrypted emails. Additionally, you can use this email service without worrying about ads and pop-ups. Specifications: allows anonymous sign-ups, encrypted emails  Limitations: provided only 1 GB of storage space 

5. Guerrilla Mail 

If you looking for a totally anonymous email without any sign-up, go for Guerrilla mail. Moreover, it even has a Guerrilla mail app for Android users.  Specifications: free email without any sign-up  Limitations: offers only temporary emails, a restriction of only 150MB attachments. 

6. Mailinator

You can create an email address that others may be owning even without any sign-up through Mailinator. Isn’t it interesting?  Specifications: create an email address without any sign-up Limitations: offers public email addresses only

7. MailFence 

It requires an alternative email for creating a free email account on MailFence, but it does not show up advertisements. Moreover, you can own an email with secured privacy features and encryption.  Specifications: no tracking, free email without phone number  Limitations: asks for an alternative email, allows only 50MB of storage space. 

8. Email On Deck 

As the name suggests, you can get an email immediately. Moreover, this is the best alternative to Guerrilla Mail, which offers temporary emails without sign-ups.  Specifications: no sign-ups required  Limitations: offers only temporary emails   

9. Tempibox (

Want to create an email address within seconds? Go for because it permits you to create free email without a phone number.  Specifications: free email within seconds Limitations: does not allow you to send emails, but you can receive emails.   

10. Mailnesia 

You can create a public email address using a Mailnesia domain name and yes, it’s true! Get your desired email through Mailnesia and that too within seconds. You can create a free email without phone number verification, but it does not allow you to send emails.  Specifications: Free email address without any sign-ups Limitations: offers public email address, but cannot send any email using Mailnesia, receive only.   

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