Can Laptop Be Replaced By A Tablet In Future?

Can Laptop Be Replaced By A Tablet In Future?

Technology is changing every day. We can't just predict things that will come true in the future. Even being so advanced and with so much latest tech, it almost took a year for the Covid-19 vaccine, and still, we are not very sure about it. So if we predict now that in future laptops will be replaced by tablets. This may or may not be possible. But let's see some positive and negative aspects of these gadgets so that at least we can have some idea about coming technology.  

Laptop V/S Tablet

  1. Tablets are thin, lightweight, and easily portable while laptops are bigger in size but they are also portable easily.
  2. Tablets have longer battery life because of their smaller screen size and less hardware. With laptops, you have a bigger screen and more hardware. So the battery life will not be as compared to tablets.
  3. Laptops come with higher-performing processors as they can have an in-built fan to cool them. Tablets don’t have that size to have an in-built fan.
  4. Tablets are less expensive than laptops as they have fewer features as compared to laptops. But again this is a benefit with laptops that you will be getting too many features.
  5. With laptops, you can easily external hardware which is not quite easy with tablets.
  Should I buy a tablet or laptop?  See this depends as per users. If you work on a laptop just surfing the internet, browsing, binge-watching, etc. then you should go for a tablet. But if you are a coder or an editor, you can't work with a tablet. In the future, there may come some technology to come over these issues but still, tablets can't replace your laptops. But yes these days people have got another option as Hybrid or 2-in-1 laptops. Read also : 6 FOODS YOU SHOULDN’T HAVE BEFORE BEDTIME  

What is a Hybrid or 2-in-1 laptop?

Hybrid laptops can be defined as a windows tablet which is also a laptop computer. The tablet here is attached with a keyboard that is removable. This is also called a "detachable" and sometimes a "2-in-1" laptop. You can use it as a laptop or a tablet as per your choice.   

Can Laptop be Replaced by a Tablet in Future?

So let's be clear about Tablet, that it is designed to get a lot of work done with ease but it's not going to replace your laptop. Simply if you can just compare these two gadgets you can see that there will be a lot of difference between specifications, hardware, etc. in a laptop than a tablet. Tablet was designed with a purpose to ease work with people having just basic works like surfing, binge-watching, etc.  With a laptop, your work productivity will be much more than on a tablet. So which one should I go for? Now, this solely depends on your work and usage. If you are a working professional doing coding, editing videos, etc. you need to have a laptop with you. Yes, you can go for both so that you don’t need to carry your laptop every time with you.   

Gap between Laptop and Tablets?

Obviously, we can see technology is changing every day. So with each passing day, we can see Tablets with some great specifications coming to market. There are tablets where you can connect to an external keyboard and mouse for your work. You can switch to Tablets, but will that be worth it? If you are just browsing the web, watching Netflix, Prime, etc. Then you can switch to a tablet rather than a laptop. Android Tablets are not that great to work like coding, editing, etc. But if you are just going with web browsing you can go for a tablet.   

Future & Conclusion

The truth is you never know what is coming for us in the future? How technology is going to shape our way into the future? But yes it can be possible that later someday you are just walking around with a tablet but with the latest and much better features for users.  As of now, even laptops are coming as 2-in-1 laptops so that you can use them as either a laptop or a tablet. But again it will take time to fit so much hardware in such a small space. But again we need to wait and watch for these technological revolutions. We can't just come to any conclusion now as there is nothing so specific. Still replacing a laptop with a tablet...!! Nope, not happening anytime soon..!! So sit back and relax. We will keep you covered with the latest tech.

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