Everything You Need To Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

Everything You Need To Know About Joint Replacement Surgery

Surgical procedures have become very advanced when compared to what they were decades ago. This has significantly changed the course of outcomes received after surgical procedures.

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If we talk about joint replacement surgery, then it has changed a lot as well. Our topic of discussion in this post is joint replacement surgery along with its health benefits. Decades ago, it used to take around 2-3 weeks for a person to use the operated limb after joint replacement surgery but, the scenario is a bit different now-a-day. Today, the person can start walking the next day after the surgery. This is how things have changed. Even Orthopedic Trauma Implants have changed in terms of their design, quality, durability, and reliability.

Let us dive deep into this surgical procedure.


What is Joint Replacement Surgery?

The junction where two bones meet is regarded as a joint, and our body has many of them. Some of the common joints that may require replacement surgery after an injury or other orthopedic conditions include the hip joint, knee joint, and shoulder joint. Other joints in our body include the wrist joint, finger joint, and ankle joint.

Joint replacement surgery is an orthopedic procedure where the damaged joint and tissues are replaced with an artificial one made of metals & non-metals. This type of surgery is recommended to relieve pain and restore the normal movement of the joint where conventional treatment methods fail to provide any positive results. Experienced orthopedic surgeons trained to perform joint replacement do this procedure. Hip, knee, and shoulder joints are common where replacement surgery is performed while it can also be done on elbows, fingers, and ankles sometimes.


In Which Cases Joint Replacement Surgery is Performed?

Joint replacement surgery is recommended in the case of joint problems that cannot be fixed with non-surgical procedures like medication, physical therapy, etc. Joint issues generally occur due to osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. These are the conditions that involve degradation of the cartilages that provide cushioning effects between the joints, and when wear & tear occurs in the cartilages, bones start to rub against each other. This causes arthritic conditions.

Other health conditions that cause joint problems include osteoporosis, fibromyalgia, and cancer.


What Are the Benefits of Joint Replacement Surgery?


Some of the key benefits associated with joint replacement surgery include:

Low pain

Surgeries used to be painful, but medical sciences have become so advanced that surgeries have no longer been painful. Techniques have changed, and joint replacement surgery is known to incur less pain than before.

Restores joint movement

This is one of the key reasons why joint replacement surgery is performed. It helps in restoring the joint movement and activity level of the person. Initially, the range of motion may be limited but with time, it improves, and the person may return to a full range of motion later.

Reduces chances of chronic health conditions

On-time joint replacement surgery reduces the risk of heart failure, diabetes, and depression.

Safe Procedure

Compared to decades ago, this surgical procedure is safer than ever. Though complications are associated with the procedure yet, they are not serious enough to cause chronic issues.

Joint replacement surgeries are of two types, partial or total joint replacement surgery. In partial joint replacement surgery, only a damaged portion of the joint needs to be replaced while in total joint replacement surgery, the complete joint is replaced with a prosthesis. The type of surgery required will depend upon the severity of the condition and diagnosis.

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