High Time You Go For An Astrologer's Consultation

High Time You Go For An Astrologer's Consultation

The Journey of Life

Life is a long journey. Usually, we encounter a mixture of joys and sorrows in it. It is natural for us to be elated when we experience happiness in life and feel dejected while facing pain. By nature, some people are braver than others, and they may be able to face difficulties better than the less courageous. But there can still be occasions in life when even the most confident and optimistic can find the situations daunting and feel that it is beyond his or her capacity to deal with those. This is perhaps why life often seems to be more of misery to be endured than an experience to be enjoyed! However, it is said that when problems come, they come with solutions too. This is true to some extent, but even when solutions are available, it is common knowledge that many of those do not solve the problems completely or to our entire satisfaction. There are also instances when some solutions prove worse than the issues themselves that they are required to resolve! These are the times when despondency takes over, and as a last resort, man turns to God for remedy and relief. And astrology can come in here as an effective means to assist man in getting that divine help!

Living with Problems  

Problems can haunt people virtually from the cradle to the grave, and these can be on any aspect of life, under the Sun! There can be issues relating to the marriage of a person, getting a progeny, education, employment, income, finances, health, etc. Sometimes it can even be felt that we are living more with problems than with life itself! Whatever be the issue, when a difficulty seems to defy solution or assume unmanageable proportions, people approach astrologers and seek advice to tide over the situation.

Astrology Can Help

Our ancients, through their meticulous observation and study of the heavenly bodies like the stars and planets, realized that these entities exercised a profound influence on the lives of the people. They also understood through their experience that the study of these celestial objects could help to know about a person's life, characteristics, fortune, and the future. Thus the science of astrology began to get developed gradually. The astrological system operates on the basis of natal charts, which are known as horoscopes or Kundlis. These are charts that reflect the placement of various planets at the time of the birth of an individual and are worked out based on his or her date, time, and place of birth. A horoscope is a document unique to an individual. And it is the study of this unique chart which can give out the various features about the person, and his or her life, and the possible reasons for the problems that he or she is facing. Expert astrologers study these horoscopes to get insights about the issues and suggest remedies and solutions to overcome the problem or minimize their effects.

Horoscope Matching or Kundli Matching 

While horoscope reading forms the basis of astrological guidance on any issue of concern, it assumes special significance, especially in respect of marriages. Marriage is a union of hearts that ensures a partnership for life. Hence our ancestors attached tremendous importance to this institution of marriage and wanted to make sure that only those suitable to each in all significant aspects are united in the sacred marital bond. So, before deciding about the marriage of a boy and girl, it has remained a traditional practice in our land to see if their horoscopes match, and only in such a case, they were united in marriage. This is a process by itself and is generally known as horoscope matching or Kundli Matching. This matching involves the study of the horoscopes of both the prospective bride and the groom and assessing their agreement in some of the vital aspects of life. This was done to ensure that there is handsome compatibility between the two as life partners and that they may be able to lead a life that is rich in quality and sound in longevity. And thus, every marriage time becomes a high time that one goes for astrological consultation, advice, and guidance!
Astrology in Modern Times
The traditional science of astrology has adapted itself well to the present times and has now become easier to access. Online astrology has made it possible for people to do online astrology consultations with some of the best astrologers, right from the comfort of their homes. Many astrological agencies also provide the 'talk to astrologer' facilities, which allow a person to seek instant astrological advice or do telephonic astrology consultation. Trust people will be availing the facility as per their requirement and convenience, seek the help of astrology to solve problems, if any, and lead a life of comfort, peace, and joy.

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