How Do I Add A New Gmail Account To My IPhone?

How Do I Add A New Gmail Account To My IPhone?

Google provided a free account whose domain name ends with This contributes to email services like sending and receiving emails, creating address books, blocking any spam if any, and like other email services it performs basic tasks. In this, you will be getting information about the methods to ‘add Gmail accountto your iPhone.    

More about Gmail

Gmail is a free service provided by Google, which came into existence on April 1, 2004, with more than 1.5 billion active users around the world. It can be accessed easily through a web browser or using your mobile app.  At its initial period, it provided a storage capacity of 1 GB per user, which was higher than all its challengers were during that time. Now storage capacity is offered with 15 GB and users can receive emails with attachments for about 50 MB size. If the files are larger than it mentioned here, users can also send them through google drive. 

Benefits of having a Gmail account

  • Plenty of storage space is available in your Gmail account. For business accounts, 25 GB of storage space is available. 
  • Another benefit preferred by most people is that it is easy to access with any smart device, Pc, tablet, or system.
  • There are numerous features, which act as an aid to organize your emails. You can manage your Hotmail and yahoo accounts from your Gmail account. 
  • It has features like sending instant messages and video conferencing. 
iPhone users, considering all these benefits wanted to add their Gmail on iPhone Read also: WHY IS MY GMAIL NOT WORKING IN OUTLOOK?

Now let us see the steps to add your Gmail

Follow any one of the simple methods given below, to set your Gmail account to your iPhone.   Method 1: First, go to your app store, and in the search bar type Gmail app. Later, download the Gmail app to add it to your iPhone.  Open the Gmail app and enter the login credentials, once the downloading process is completed successfully, then click on the sign-in option.   Method 2: Instead of adding any other app, there are people who prefer to use the email with Apple’s in-built app. If you are this type, then follow the steps given below: Step 1:  Go to the setting of your device and under the various options click on the accounts & passwords.  Step 2: Then click on the ‘add account’ and after that select the email provider that you are using. Now since we are setting up a google account, click on the google email provider.  Step 3: After selecting the email provider, enter the login credentials that is, both the email address and password. Once entering the information in the box required click on the Next button.  Step 4: Once you click on next, you will get a mail to verify your account.  Step 5: When the email verification is completed, you have to choose information like calendar and contacts to synchronize and tap on the save. Now your Gmail account is set up with your iPhone.  Method 3: In your iPhone, you will have to access your Gmail using the IMAP and POP: Step 1: In your iPhone device, open the settings and then click on the passwords & accounts. Click on google. If you are using an older version of the iPhone, these steps might vary slightly.  If you are using an older version, click on the mail and then on contacts, next calendar; after that go to the ‘add account’ and click on the google mail. Step 2: Then enter the email address and click next; after that enter the password and tap next. If you forget the password, you can click on the ‘forgot password and create a new one.  Step 3: Choose either IMAP or POP and then enter the incoming mail server and outgoing mail server information.  If you select POP, follow the instructions given below: Incoming mail server:
  1. The hostname is the
  2. In the place of a username, enter your email address with the domain name.
  3. Password is the same as that of your Gmail password. 
Outgoing mail server:
  1. Set the hostname as the
  2. The username and password are the same as instructed in the incoming mail server. 
  3. After following all the steps given above, tap save.
  4. Tap on the hostname of the outgoing mail server and turn on SSL. 
  5. In the server port, enter the number 465. Finally, select done.
If you select IMAP, follow the instructions given below: In receiving mail: 
  1. Add the IMAP server as
  2. The Port number must be 993.
  3. Add yes in require SSL.
  4. The username and password are the same as that of your Gmail address. 
In sending mail:
  1. The SMTP server must be set as 
  2. Add port number 465.
  3. Add yes to require SSL and SMTP
Note: For more protection, secure your email with two steps verification. Setting these two steps will ask you to do a task whenever you sign in to your Gmail account from a new device. 

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