How To Choose Good Children's Shoes

How To Choose Good Children's Shoes

A pair of good shoes walk the world. Children are in a critical period of physical development, and whether shoes are worn correctly or not has a great influence on their foot development. Many children have foot problems, which are related to improper shoes. In different stages of children's growth, how to choose a pair of suitable wholesale kids shoes to help them run freely?

Principles of Choosing Shoes for Children

  1. Sizes

    kiskissing wholesale Baby Stripe Bowknot Moccasin Crib Shoes The shoes must be fit. To measure the length of the child's feet, the space reserved in the front of the shoes should be reasonable, and you should not wear shoes that are too fat or too thin. They must be well covered. The overall length should be about 1 cm longer.
  2. Styles

    kiskissing wholesale Baby Pom Pom Moccasin Crib Shoes Toddler shoes should choose shoes with higher upper and deeper face. In this way, the shoes are more covered and the shoes will not fall off easily. Shallow shoes and low-top shoes seem to be easier to wear, but the baby’s heels are narrow, not easy to catch the shoes, and not safe enough.
  3. Materials

    kiskissing wholesale Baby Cartoon Fleece Shoes The upper can use materials with good air permeability such as leather and microfiber. Keep the inside of the shoe dry and comfortable, and avoid wearing shoes made of airtight synthetic materials. Try not to choose too soft cloth shoes, too soft material can not stabilize the position of the foot in the shoe.
  4. Sole/Insole

    kiskissing wholesale Baby Bear First Walker Boots The sole and insole should not be too soft, so that the sole of the foot should have a feeling of grip, so as to help exercise the foot muscles and stimulate the nerve development of the sole. In terms of the material of the insole, cotton or suede leather will work, as long as it can keep the sole of the foot comfortable.
  5. Heels

    kiskissing wholesale Baby Animals High Top Shoes The child is in the growth and development period. Wearing shoes with heels will make the upper body lean forward and the hips will protrude. The weight load of the whole body is not on the whole foot. The forefoot and toes are also squeezed and easily deformed, which is not good for the feet. The normal growth and development of the part. If there are children who do not touch the ground or have long and short legs, you can properly fill up the heel of the foot pad.


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