How To Get An Edu Email Address? (Without Being In School)

How To Get An Edu Email Address? (Without Being In School)

Edu is an email address provided only to students after they get enrolled in school/college to have the authority to access conversations with the administration via emails. It is like an official permission to the student to have access with professors, administration, lectures, and including other official interaction. But what if you want a free Edu email address without being a student. Before hopping to the tips of how to get free Edu email; the first one should know what is Edu email and what of use it is  So basically Edu is a domain extension that is strictly permitted only to educational institutes and students. Such domains are majorly use by The USA-based educational authorities whereas to some extent Europe does use them as well. The US has restricted multiple Edu domains especially the one that comes under community colleges. To have the benefit of the Edu domain you either have to be a student or part of the educational authority.  But the question is why non-student are also keen to have this free Edu email domain? It is because id with Edu domain rarely benefitted with some special discounts and offers. E.g. Amazon Prime, Spotify, Microsoft Office, Apple, levis, MacDonald’s provides special discounts and offers to the ids having .edu domain assuming them students. Not only this much but sometimes, the .edu domain also helps in grabbing discounts on hotel bookings, an airplane traveling, tours, trips, etc. no wonder why everybody is crazy to get a .edu email address  In the following list, we are going to provide the tips and tricks to have an Edu email id without being part of any educational means even though it’s only meant and assign to the educational institution and student. 

1st Method to Get free Edu Email Address:-

  1. First, go to 
  2. Mandatory to choose “Canada college” under ‘Select a community college’
  3. Next, after this, you’ll be provided with an admission form for application
  4. Now, in the application form, it is a must to fill only California address and school details 
  5. Use any random US addresses
  6. Since you are all done with the application form, now you have to wait for 2-3 days to receive the email id with the .edu domain.

2nd Method to Get Free Edu Email, let’s check out that 

  1. Go to the Maricopa Community Colleges website.
  2. There you’ll get the Maricopa id form.
  3. Enter the standard information.
  4. It must check “I am a new student and have never attended any Maricopa community colleges or skills center.
  5. Enter confirmation and select next.
  6. Furthermore, you’ll need a social security number or a phone number to complete the form(use a fake SNN number).
  7. After finishing it all, you’ll be ascribe with an Edu email address. 
  8. Within 20 min, you’ll be ready with your Maricopa account.
  9. Visit the Maricopa student email site, where you can log in and continue further.

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