How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

How To Recover A Disabled Facebook Account

 “Your account has been disabled!” If you have received such alerts while logging into your Facebook account, unfortunately, it has been disabled. What can you do if your Facebook account has been disabled? Why my Facebook account got disabled? Have you deactivated your account or it has been blocked by Facebook? Is this a temporary lock or your Facebook account has permanently been disabled? Can you restore a disabled Facebook account? And many other questions! Don’t get panic because we have answered all these questions in this article.  Facebook is one of the widely used social media platforms that connect people from all over the world. From connecting with the same interest group people to enlarging your business, Facebook allows you to perform a wide variety of virtual activities through your account. No matter how you optimize your Facebook, you ought to have an account. Thus, nothing can be more gruesome if you are unable to access your Facebook account, especially when you have a good number of followers and are connected to some business groups and pages.  Considering all the possible issues with your disabled Facebook account, here in this article we have tried to assemble the easiest and effective ways to help you get your Facebook account back. Happy reading!   

Why my Facebook account has been disabled? 

Facebook has certain norms and regulations in terms of its services. At the time of creating a new account and later on too, Facebook gives alerts about its terms and conditions that include in what cases Facebook can block your account. If any user is detected performing some activities on or through any account that violates the terms and conditions of Facebook, that account be no longer be in use.  If you are still in awe of why your account has been disabled, read the reasons or say conditions given below in which Facebook disables your account
  1. Any content that violates the terms of Facebook is posted on your account
  2. Any spam activity and then repeatedly performing them ignoring the alerts
  3. A fake account with Fake profiles posting inappropriate content 
  4. Sending requests to several accounts at the same time. It defines the actions of a bot
  5. Others consistently report against your account, and more. 

Discover A Disabled Facebook Account

Permanent Disabled Facebook Account: if you are receiving messages on your screen that says “Your account has been permanently disabled!” Woefully, you cannot restore your account. You need to create a new account through a new device, phone number, and ID.    Temporary Disabled Facebook Account: if Facebook has disabled your account temporarily, you will receive a notification “Your Account has been Disabled” A Facebook account can be restored in such case.  If you have disabled your Facebook Account: in such a case, your account can be restored within fourteen days. Otherwise, it will be deleted permanently.   

How to Recover Disabled Facebook Account?

Reactivate self-disabled Facebook account

    • Go to the Facebook login page
    • Enter your Login Details
  • Click on the “cancel deletion of the account”
  • Sign in to get your account back

Restore a Facebook Account

If Facebook has mistakenly disabled your account, you can file an appeal to grant you access to your account back. The process can be a little longer.  In the restoration process of your Facebook account, you need to provide your valid ID proofs that consist of some similar information as that of your Facebook account ID.  Note: providing any fake information can lead to the permanent deletion of your account along with restraining you use Facebook in the future. 
  • Visit the official website of Facebook and navigate to official investigation forms of Facebook to get your account back. Or click on one of the below-mentioned form links 
From 1. Form 2. Form 3.  
  • Provide your phone number and the email address associated with your disabled Facebook account. This info will be used by Facebook to communicate with you. 
  • In the Full name section, type the name you used to use for your account.
  • Now you need to upload an ID proof to ensure your real identity. This can be one of driving license, Passport, or any other Government issues ID. If you don’t have any govt, issues ID proof, upload any other authentic ID that consists of your valid info including name and date of birth. 
  • In the additional info section, add extra details affiliated with you. This can be as follows
  • If your Facebook account name is different than your legal name
  • In case you have authentic proof, like visual evidence, about someone else is responsible for performing abusive actions on your account
  • Suspicion of your account has been hacked by someone
  • If you suspect someone who earlier harassed you and is now behind abusive behavior of your account that led it to be disabled. 
  • After filing the appeal to restore a disabled Facebook account, wait until Facebook considers your request and grant you access back to your Facebook account. 

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