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Kasol Kheerganga- A Fabulous Trek For Each Age Group

Kasol Kheerganga- A Fabulous Trek For Each Age Group

Kasol is a beautiful place that has the power to leave its visitors awestruck. The nearby trekking destinations at Kasol will make your trip a memorable one. The tranquil surroundings will make you stay longer. A trek to Kheerganga is a must a do activity if you are in Himachal Pradesh. Kheerganga is located at an elevation of 3,692 meters and it is situated at the end of Parvati Valley. Kheerganga is considered as the abode of Lord Shiva and his son Kartikeya. It is famous for its hot water springs and amazing views. By reaching the top you will see a small temple of Lord Shiva and the hot water pond “Parvati Kund”.  Kheerganga is a sacred place that has some religious values and beliefs. It is one of the popular and the most preferred trekking spots in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. Perched at an elevation of 2,960 meters, Kheerganga is in the alluring Parvati Valley, which is a perfect place for nature lovers, adventure seekers, and backpackers. Apart from being the most popular destination, Kheerganga is famous for its hot water springs, ravishing landscapes and amazing views of the snow-capped mountains with rolling greenery. The trip to Kheerganga is an amazing and exciting one. The Kheerganga trek is easy and anyone can undertake this trek. The trek passes by some tricky trails, gushing waterfalls, and lush beauty of green forests.    Activities to do in Kheerganga-Kasol-  

  • Camping: The most amazing activity you can do in the Kheerganga Kasol trip is Camping in the woods or on the riverside under the shade of thousands of twinkling stars. Staying in the tents or camps under the clear blue skies or star-studded night is a lifetime experience.
  • Food: You will enjoy the delicacies of Israeli food and other cuisines like German, Italian. You can also find some Dhabas that offer north Indian food.
  • Partying: Kasol is famous for Psy & rave parties. You will enjoy music festivals and dance on the beats of international DJs. You will have chances to spot a large no. of foreigners during the festival time.
  • Shopping: Kasol is a shopper’s paradise. You can buy some good hippie sweatshirts or chillums from the Kasol market. You will find attractive things like bags, stone pendants, souvenirs, and several handcrafted items.
    Best season and time to visit Kasol- Kasol is round a year tourist destination that means it is accessible in all four seasons- winter, summer, autumn, and spring. You will easily get a crowd there. In winter, the crowd becomes a little less than summers. In spring and autumn, Kasol is amazing in winters with lots of snow everywhere. In summers, Kasol appears at its best. In summers months (April to June), you can watch the lush green sceneries of nature, with the splashing rivers and waterfalls, Kasol is the perfect place to escape the heat and chillax. You will see a huge crowd of tourists this season. The temperature ranges from 18 to 27 degrees. In springtime and after the monsoon,  you will get all the crazy vibes. You can see the beauty of sprawling and bloom meadows, scenic landscapes, and lush greenery of the valley. The weather remains pleasant and calm.    How to reach Kheerganga? The starting point of the Kheerganga trek is Barshaini. So there are two ways to reach Kheerganga, one is from Barshaini to Natkhan village and then Kheerganga. And another one is form Kalga/Pulga through forests which is a longer but prettier one.  There are several modes of transportation to reach Barshaini which happens to be the starting point of Kheerganga trek.  By Road: The most convenient and preferred way to reach Barshaini is to take a direct bus from Delhi or Chandigarh and get down to Bhuntar. Then, you have to catch a bus or hire a taxi to reach Barshaini along the way through Kasol.  By Air: The nearest airport to Barshaini is the Bhuntar airport. You will easily get a flight from Delhi and reach Bhuntar. Then, take a taxi or public transportation to reach Barshaini.  By Train: Joginder Nagar railway station happens to be the nearest one to Barshaini. Take a direct train to Joginder Nagar railway station from any major railway station of India and reach Kasol by taking a cab from the railway station.  

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