Outfits That Can Become Your Motivation To Work From Home

Outfits That Can Become Your Motivation To Work From Home

Video calling apps were once used for long-distance calling, family, or a sudden business meeting. Until last year, due to a massive outbreak of Covid 19, many video conferencing apps like Zoom have become an integral part of our lives. Even if it is as small as an occasion or as big as a client meeting - everything is done over a Zoom call these days. It has now become a major part of our everyday lives. 

It is very important to dress up for a zoom call. Well, you might wonder why? The answer to this is very simple. The current situation has forced us to work from home, therefore, we have to not only keep our teammates motivated but also ourselves. 

Wearing a pajama or a nightdress while you are on a zoom call will make you feel lazy and will lose focus on your work. Motivating yourself should be your priority. Therefore, play with your outfits. Take out clothes that have been in the cupboard for so long, especially those that you were not able to wear outside. 

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So, here are a few cool outfit ideas you can try while you are attending a zoom meeting. These outfits will make you look smart, workaholic as well as give you the funky vibe that would make you enjoy work. 

A formal shirt with straight fit jeans

A formal shirt is something that will never go out of style. It does not matter if you are in the office or over a video call, a formal shirt will always enhance your look and make you look sophisticated. But, since you are working from home, why not make the look more fun and comfortable? Therefore, wear straight-fit jeans. This is the perfect way to mix formal with informal. You will feel comfortable as well as perfect for an online meeting. You can add up jewelry like neck chains, rings, bracelets to make your work vibe fun. 


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You might think that trousers will become too formal for a zoom meeting, well, why not give one of the workdays a formal look? Put on some elegant trousers and a meshed top to complete your look. If you are uncomfortable with tight-fit trousers, then go ahead and wear wide-leg trousers to give yourself a comfortable look. This would be perfect for a zoom meeting. Again, accessories never go out of style. Accessorize your look so that you feel the work vibe around you as well as you feel funky. 

Blazers with t-shirts and jeans

There are some days when you feel like putting on a pair of jeans and a cute crop top. Why not turn this look into a work look? 

Blazers are something that would never go out of trend. Yes, even for a zoom meeting. 

A complete formal look always gives off too much of a professional vibe and this might not put you in the right space to work with fun. Therefore, always play with your outfit. Try on new things that would give you the motivation to work. Always try out things that would give you a funky look but are professional at the same time, even when you are on a zoom call with your colleagues. So, go ahead and wear a cute crop top with a pair of tight-fit jeans, and complete your look by wearing a smart blazer over it. You can use bold jewelry here. Like big funky necklaces and earrings that would enhance your work look. This is the perfect way to start your day and continue a perfect zoom call throughout. 

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Your outfits should resemble the kind of occasion you are attending. Similarly, back when you would go to the office, you used to plan your outfit accordingly. In the same way, you have to plan your outfit when you are at home for an online zoom meeting. It is because it will push you and give you the right motivation to work professionally on your office task and with your co-workers. Yes, sometimes you might not feel like dressing up and doing your office tasks. Therefore, it is suggested to add some fun while dressing up. You cannot skip work, so why not dress up well and enjoy what you are wearing?

Therefore, make your work look funky, classy as well as professional. This will help you in acing your work hours and your meetings! 

Shruti Gopche

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