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Reasons To Use A Credit Card For Online Shopping

Reasons To Use A Credit Card For Online Shopping

Thinking of ordering yourself something online? The pandemic has led to a lot of people turning to online shopping website. Online shopping is convenient and perfect given the current scenario. Online shopping also gives you a flexibility of payment modes. As cashless payments are currently encouraged, it is best to opt for such modes for hassle-free payments. With the flexibility of payment modes, it is easy to get confused on what mode to select for payment. When considering options, a credit card can be your go-to for online payments.

Why are credit cards ideal for online shopping payments?

Credit cards can be the perfect option for paying for your online shopping. Here are a few reasons why:
  1. Earn Rewards on your credit card spends

Unlike a debit card, transactions with a credit card are fundamentally different. With a credit card, the money gets deducted from the credit limit assigned to your card. Credit card companies offer discounts and cashback to its customers. They offer reward points as perk to its customer base every time they use the credit card. These reward points can be stored and be redeemed to get discounts on their purchases. You can use your accumulated reward points to get discounts on your purchases.
  1. Easy Redressal

The redressal process is simpler in comparison to credit cards. In case of a fraudulent activity, you can immediately get in touch with the credit card company and block your credit card. Many credit companies also offer insurance to its customers in case of theft or damage of credit card. There is an added assurance, that your saving account is safe.
  1. Safer transactions

With added encryptions, it is comparatively safer to use your credit cards online for shopping. Unlike a debit card, a fraudster will not be able to drain your savings account. Credit card companies offer protection to avoid cybercriminals and added insurance in case of internet fraud.
  1. Easy and convenient EMI Conversions

Credit card gives you the added advantage of converting your big-ticket purchases to easy and affordable EMIs. You can repay the amount in a flexible tenure according to your financial situation. So you are not paying the entire amount in one go. This gives you the flexibility to buy home appliances without having to drain your savings account.
  1. Exclusive discounts at Partner Websites

Many credit card companies have a tie-in with many retailers to give you an added discount and offers to save you on shopping. With a credit card, you can avail the latest offers on swiping the credit cards at partner restaurants, retail stores, electronic stores, travel sites, etc. You can also avail an additional fuel surcharge waiver as a perk with your credit card. Now that you know why credit card is a smarter option for payments for your online shopping. You can now pay for your purchases on online websites with a credit card. There are multiple credit cards in the market offering the best deals to their customers. Once of such credit cards is, Bajaj Finserv credit card. The application process of credit card is simplified with the mobile app. You can also avail complementary 2000 reward points on successful application with the mobile app. The perks include easy paperless documentation process, fast approval and disbursal of credit card among others. You can also avail an instant personal loan for up to 90 days at 1.16% interest on your credit limit.

Why choose the credit card for online shopping?

Loaded with benefits, you can easily convert your high-end purchases to simple and affordable EMIs with one swipe of your pre-approved credit card. You can easily enjoy contactless payments of up to Rs. 5000 with a simple tap of your credit card. Also, you can withdraw cash from any nearby ATM at no interest for up to 50 days. The benefits also include discounts on movie tickets, fuel surcharge waiver, etc. You can download the this app to complete the application for your credit card. You can claim 2000 reward points on successful online application and up to 10,000 reward points as welcome gift. Also, the Bajaj Finserv app facilitates easy management of your credit card from the comfort of your home. You can pay your EMI dues, view your offers, and more with the app.      

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