Shirshasana Yoga Pose: Meaning, Steps, And Benefits

Shirshasana Yoga Pose: Meaning, Steps, And Benefits

No matter, how you see Yoga because it has many benefits in our life that you can not neglect. One of the different and effective asanas in Yogasana is Shirshasana Yoga Pose. This asana is done on the head and hence it is called Shirshasana or Headstand Pose.    Shirshasana is also known as Kapalasana. There is a lot of benefits to Headstand, therefore it is considered right in this yoga. Exercise is very important in our life to live a happy and healthy life.    So, Today, let us tell you about another Yoga that is Shirshasana Yoga. First of all know what is Shirshasana Yoga, what are the benefits and steps of doing Shirshasana Yoga. Read below to know about all these things further- Read also:AMAZING BENEFITS OF USING AYURVEDIC COSMETIC PRODUCTS   What is Shirshasana yoga? This asana is also known as Kapalasana. Shirshasana Yoga Pose helps your body to function in such a way that blood flow goes in a correct manner that keeps you healthy. The body becomes strong. Headstand pose is very beneficial not only for your body but also to keep your face shiny and healthy.  

Steps of doing Shirshasana Yoga Pose

  Step 1: First of all, place a sheet or mat in a flat place.   Step 2: For Headstand, first of all, you have to sit in Vajrasana. Keep in mind that you are sitting in such a way that there is enough space for you to bow down.   Step 3: While sitting in Vajrasana, both the elbows stick on the ground and join the fingers of both hands together.   Step 4: Now, with the fingers of both hands together, your palms should be facing upwards. So that you can support your head with palms.   Step 5: Now slowly bending forward, keep your head on the palms, and keep breathing normally. Then slowly let the weight of the body fall on your head.   Step 6: In this state, you have to lift your legs towards the sky, just like you have to stand upside down just as you are standing with straight legs.   Step 7: Stay in this position for some time and then slowly come back to normal.  

Benefits of doing Shirshasana Yoga Pose

  1- Doing Shirshasana yoga increases self-confidence and all the fear of the mind runs away.   2- Regular exercise of the headstand keeps all the organs like stomach, liver, kidneys, etc. healthy and the digestive system is smooth.   3- For people who do this asana daily, their memory power increases a lot, because it increases the blood circulation of the brain.   4- This asana helps to disappear wrinkles from the face due to regular exercise. In fact, in the position of standing upside down, fresh nutrition and oxygen start circulating on your face.   5- Shirshasana yoga is also beneficial in growing hair on the scalp. By doing this yoga, the white hair of the head starts turning black on its own because by doing this, the head gets good nutrition and blood flow.   6- This asana helps to get physical stamina, along with it, the muscles of the whole body become active.   7- By doing this asana, the face starts glowing.   8- Headstand is the best yoga to get rid of diseases like constipation, and hernia.   Precautions need to be taken while doing Shirshasana Yoga  
  • If you are doing Headstand for the first time, do it under the supervision of a yoga trainer.
  • To do this yoga for the first time, you can take support of the wall.
  • People who are less visible or have any problem related to the eyes, should not do this posture.
  • If you have a problem with neck pain, then you should not do Headstand Yoga.
  • People who have a lot of blood pressure should not do this asana.
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