The Best Social Commerce Trends For Brands To Boost Social Success

The Best Social Commerce Trends For Brands To Boost Social Success

In recent online marketing scenarios, social commerce is the growing trend introducing a new concept of buying and selling products through social media channels.  Earlier, social media platforms were popularly used to promote and advertise products, but now several features have been introduced on these platforms that easily incorporate eCommerce functionality.  With the increase in the number of users from all over the globe, diverse user behavior is noticed on social media platforms. Naturally, this hugely impacts how your target audience will react to your social commerce activities.  To excel in your social commerce strategies, try these social commerce trends that are popular in 2021 that take your sales and revenue through social media channels on another level. 


8 Popular Social Commerce Trends In 2021

Let’s learn about the popular social commerce that scales your online business and selling in 2021. 

#1. Social Media Online Store & Shop

Instead of redirecting your interested customers to your brand’s eCommerce website, you can set up your online store or shop with social media platforms. This helps you retain more customers and make their buying journey easier. In addition, with the social shop, your customers can explore and learn about your brand products directly from the social media channels.   Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Snapchat are social media channels that allow you to create and build your business shop on social media channels.  For those businesses who don’t have enough budgets to set up a full-fledged eCommerce website and regularly maintain it, Social Shop is the best alternative that ensures huge sales. 

#2. Sharing Stories & 1-Minute Content

Content plays a major role in selling and engaging your audience. Content is the tool to reach your target audience and increase your brand awareness. However, when there are so many other businesses and profiles also posting Content on social media channels, it is a bit challenging to grab your audiences’ attention and keep them engaged with your Content.  As now all the social media platforms have introduced Stories features on their platforms that stay live for only 24 hours and then disappear forever, people are curious to check what’s updated on the stories by brand and other social media profiles.  You can utilize this strategy and engage your followers by uploading short clips & Content through Stories.  Heads up, here I would also like to tell you that instead of creating social media posts with images, graphics, or infographics to promote your product, make short videos that can be less than a minute. This is because people understand the product better with a video compared to images or graphics. 

#3. Chatbots For Live & Instant Word With Customers

Interaction and communication with your customers are crucial. Your audience might drift away and never come back if there is no easy and smooth medium to connect with the brand. Customers like to solve their queries and want to know more about how your product works and how it will help them solve their problems.  When connecting with your customers through social media platforms, you have to provide an effective and quick communication medium straight to your customers.  Chatbots are a great way to do so. You can reach out to your customers instantly and provide faster support to your customers. You can set some predefined answers for the most common queries to your customers so that they get help instantly in the absence of a Chatbox moderator. 

4. Promote Product Through User Generated Content

User-generated Content is the most powerful Content ever discovered for marketing. Without costing the brand a penny, user-generated Content brings huge sales and scale-up revenue at exceptional rates. Do you know why? User-generated Content gives your audience a real picture of the product and how it will look in real life. With that, UGC also lets your audience know about what people are saying about your product. As a fact, people trust other people than the brand praising their product themselves.  Reposting and utilizing user-generated Content in social commerce strategy will bring sales and increase brand authority, credibility, and trustworthiness, which more loyal and satisfied customers base for your product.

5. Embedding Shoppable Social Media Gallery On Website

Last but not least, now, with the improved and advanced marketing tools, you will get the ability to integrate social commerce strategy to your eCommerce website.  As you can see how people quickly take action with the shoppable and product-tagged social media posts to buy their favorite products, you can provide this same functionality and experience to your visitors on the website.  With the help of social commerce tools, you can now create shoppable social media galleries which will render the same social media experience to your customers on your website with the buy button to directly purchase their favorite product from the website

Wrapping Up!

As you already know, social media is making a huge impact on the brand and its success; adopting every trend is the only key to staying on top and ahead of competitors.  Now you know the popular social commerce trends that you should focus on, start implementing these trends to expand your business sales and opportunities.  That’s for now! 

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