What Are The Major Requirements For A Medical Treatment Visa In Australia?

What Are The Major Requirements For A Medical Treatment Visa In Australia?

Australia is one of the most popular destinations in the world for medical treatments. It is visited frequently by people from other countries who want to seek consultations with doctors in Australia. To make things easier for such individuals, the Australian Department of Home Affairs (DHA) grants a special visa. This medical treatment visa Australia offers is known as Visa 602, or subclass 602. If you get this visa approved, you can come to Australia to pursue medical treatment or to support a loved one/friend undergoing medical treatment in the country. Here is all the info you need about this visa.


What Does the Medical Treatment Visa Australia (602) Entitle You To?

Here are the things you will be permitted to do in Australia once you have been granted a 602 visa by the DHA and the department of immigration & citizenship.

    • You will be able to stay in the country legally until your medical consultation or treatment has been completed. If the situation warrants it, the 602 visa will allow you to leave and enter the country multiple times. However, this visa will not allow you to work in the country.

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    • The 602 visa is a special visa that will allow you to stay in Australia for a long time - as long as it takes for your treatment to get completed. Basically, you can stay for a maximum period of one year. If need be, you can apply to have this visa deadline extended as well.

    • This visa will allow you to include your family members, loved ones, and caregivers. You need to make separate applications for each person, but all the applications will be processed together. Your visa consultant will be able to provide you with more info about this.

Documents Needed for Visa 602

Here are all of the various documents that you will need to furnish to the DHA if you want to apply for the 602 visa.

    • Medical Treatment Documents

You will need to provide a letter from the doctor/surgeon who is going to be treating you in Australia. The letter should cover your medical condition, the treatment that’s required, the estimated timeframe and the cost. You also need to complete the DHA’s evidence Form 1507.

    • Proof of Identity

You will also be asked to provide the DHA with proof of identity, such as a national identity card. A passport, driving license, birth certificate, etc. are good examples of these.

    • Financial Documents

You will also be asked to furnish documents to prove that you have the funds necessary to pursue treatment in Australia. It’s best to have letters issued by the doctor/hospital where you are going for treatment.

    • Character Documents

You might need to provide the DHA and the immigration department with a character certificate issued by the police in your country. This isn’t mandatory and will depend on the judgement of the examiner.

Situations Required for Visa 602

You have to understand that the 602 visa is a special visa, and can only be granted under very specific circumstances. If you want this visa, here are some of the situations that you will have to satisfy. Otherwise, your visa application won’t be processed.

    • You are a patient looking to pursue medical consultation or medical procedures done in the country. To do so, you have to furnish proof of your medical condition in the form of your hospital statements, doctor reports, medical prescriptions, etc.

    • You are in Australia because you want to donate an organ to a loved one or relative who is currently admitted in an Australian health facility or hospital.

    • You are in Australia because you are supporting an organ donor or patient who has already applied for and received the visa.

    • You are in Australia and you are the one who will be receiving the transplanted organ from the person who is travelling with you now.

    • You are travelling to take advantage of the health agreements made between the Queensland Department of Health and the Western Province of Papua New Guinea.

    • You’re 50 years or older, and are staying in Australia but you haven’t been provided with a permanent residence visa. You must also be too ill to leave the country.

Some Restrictive Conditions for the Medical Treatment Visa Australia

Here are some restrictive conditions that will make you ineligible for the 602 Visa. You need to go through these and consult with the best migration consultant Perth before you submit an application -

    • You must not be currently holding a substantive visa that has been granted to you in the past. For example, you must not be holding a subclass 403 visa granted in the ‘Temporary Worker’ stream.

    • The medical condition that you are travelling to Australia for must not pose a threat to the country or its residents. Some conditions are infectious, virulent, etc. and are impermissible.

  • You must have the means to support yourself while you’re staying in Australia for the duration of your treatment. The best immigration agent in Perth will provide you with the details of the finances you have to furnish.

    • You also need to abide by the character requirements specified by the DHA. Work in tandem with your immigration consultant so that they can tell you what documents to provide.

    • You must also not be in debt at the time of your arrival in Australia. The DHA is strict regarding this condition and will verify if you have the means to clear any outstanding debts you may incur in cash.

    • You cannot apply for the 602 visa again if you had previously and it had been denied. You also need to remember that an application for visa 602 can only be made online. Lastly, you also need to furnish the DHA with proof that you have proper health insurance.


 All in all, this is all the information that you need to know about the subclass 602 medical treatment visa Australia has to offer. You can now find the best Immigration Agent and gather the documents you need to ensure a smooth entry and treatment. 

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