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What Is A Server - How It Works And What Are The Various Types Of Server

What Is A Server - How It Works And What Are The Various Types Of Server

What is a server? This question comes in the mind of every person who keeps listening to it repeatedly and again. As the importance of internet and technology continues to grow, the use of the server is also increasing, and whatever the person wants, whether it is you or me, if you are using the internet then even using a certain server Are there.

You must have heard in many places at banks Collage, Railways etc. that people working there say that the server is down or server is failing. How does this server down? Do you know about this? If you do not know then there is no problem because in this post I am going to give you the complete information of the server like what is the server, and how does it work? how many types of the server is It?.

what is server

What is Server?.

A server is a computer, a device or a program that provides service based on the request of the user or serves the service. I have given you an example in the beginning that when we access the website through the internet, the server itself is working only when the data reaches us, but let me tell you that this is not necessary where the internet There is a use that is working on a server.

An interaction between server and client (computers/mobiles devices) can be done in many ways, such as through cable, wifi or router etc. However, this type of server is used only in the local area network, such as at home, colleges, schools, office etc. This type of server is set up.

The server can also speak hardware or even software. If the software is installed in particular hardware, then the complete hardware is called a server.

The server is a type of computer that stores data, or has the ability to provide a service, and this server provides data or service to all computers connected to a network or any other devices such as mobile etc. If we run a simple computer, then even if the server program is installed in it, it will also become a server, but this type of server is a not-dedicated server.

Let me give you an example; Suppose I have 10 computers in my house and 1 computer is such a main computer that contains all my data (whether it's any type of data or file). If I want to or when I need it I can access the file kept in that main computer from any of my computer or mobile, because my computer and the rest of the devices are connected through that main computer, ie one The network is created. In this case, the main computer is the local server.

There are two main types of servers: dedicated server and another non-dedicated server. Those local area networks such as home, schools, colleges are installed in the server, they are non-dedicated servers and are not as powerful as they are kept on the same length as long as they work and at the same time, they do not load much. it happens.

Dedicated servers are those that are 24 * 7 hours continuous and never stop. The web server where the website is hosted is a dedicated server because it is 24 hours on and connected to the internet.

Types of Servers-

1- Web  Server

This is the most commonly used server. This web server works to show any website/webpage in your browser via HTTP protocol. As you are reading this post which is a webpage, it has reached your browser only of a server.

You access any website, do not know how many websites open and close throughout the day, but do you know that all the data on the website is kept like text, images, video, HTML page etc? This whole data is kept on a server called a web server.

Any web server is a type of dedicated server because it has to run 24 hours, only when we open any website and then open the website because the website that is placed on the server is never closed. it happens.

2- File Server

The file server can be the dedicated or non-dedicated server. The job of the file server is to keep separate files stored and when a user requests a file, send the copy of that file to the user. Let's say that you have kept a computer in which all your files are kept and you can access files placed in that main computer from any other computer whenever you want. In this case, the main computer which is called a file server is working to serve all the devices of the local network.

3- Email Server

How do you know about email? There is a tool to send email online message and people use email as usual. There are also servers for these emails called email servers. The work of an email server is to keep the messages sent and received by the user. it is many types

  • Application Server
  • Print Server
  • FTP Server
  • Online Gaming Server

How does the server work?.

Whenever we have to go to any website, we first put the url of the website in our browser and then press enter, after which browser sends that request to the domain name server. The domain name server is the address of the server of the website that is called IP address browser.

When the browser gets the IP address of the server of that website then Browser sends the request to that server for that website or webpage. And last, the server sends the webpage to copy browser, only then we can see that webpage in the browser.

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