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Which Are The Best Nursery Schools In Pune?

Which Are The Best Nursery Schools In Pune?

The question about the best nursery school near me is a tough one to answer as there are many good schools in Pune. It really depends on what you are looking for in a nursery school. Apart from the fact that a nursery school should be near one’s home, their pedagogy and environment for children that small matters a lot.

Let us look at which ones might fit into the category of best nursery Schools in Pune.

Global Indian International School

The nursery section of this famed international school offers the renowned Montessori Plus curriculum which is tailor-made for the educational and other developmental needs of children in that age group. They provide their students with just the right kind of foundation to make great progress throughout their school years.

Orchids-The International School

Their early year's program deploys playing as the means to educate children that small. They use innovative techniques to help develop the cognitive, social, and emotional capabilities of their very young students. It is not for nothing that they have a sterling reputation as a school that is just right for nursery school-going children. 

Sunderji Nursery Road

Learning while playing is the best way of learning for children according to the operating philosophy by which this school operates. The school realizes that each student is unique and makes an attempt to address every individual child’s development needs. By doing so they establish a foundation for lifelong learning that stands them in good stead during their school years.

Primrose Nursery School

An iconic Pune nursery school, its reputation precedes it. The love and care showered on the children by the staff of the school is legendary and one that leaves a positive impression on the students for a long time. A very nurturing and positive environment is the hallmark of this school. 


Little Kingdom Nursery School

This is a school where a lot of care is provided to the little ones so that their initiation into the world of education is a pleasant one. Because learning is made a lot of fun, the school is able to make learning a joyful and happy experience for the students, making them develop a positive attitude towards learning.


There is no dearth of fantastic nursery Schools in Pune, as the city is known to be a center of excellence when it comes to education. The whole cosmopolitan vibe of the city and its great tradition of being home to some of the best educational institutions in the country have something to do with it. All that you need to do is to zero in on a school that is close to your home. 

There sure is going to be one in your neighbourhood. Putting your child in a great nursery school is something that will make your child’s initiation into the world of education a very happy one. Like the old adage goes-well begun is half done. Fortunately Pune is a great place for great beginnings.


Ritu Jaiswal

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