Why Should You Visit Ahemdabad For Your Next Trip?

Why Should You Visit Ahemdabad For Your Next Trip?

When you go to places, you go for some peace, exploration and enjoyment, right? But do you feel that only hill stations and beach cities have fun stored for you? Have you ever been to a place like Ahemdabad? You know it  is the biggest city of Gujrat and it is well-known for its textile industry, deep-rooted varied institutions and striking architecture. When talking about tourism, the city sees a massive number of vacationists throughout the year. The tourist places of this city are definitely heart winning.

You can ensure a comfortable stay in Ahmedabad with Hyatt Ahmedabad. Once you book such a stayover place for your holiday, you can be sure that your entire trip stays relaxed and comfortable. Even after exploring different tourist spots of the city. Anyhow, here are some amazing romantic, historic and stunning spots of this city that you would not want to miss out on.

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Victoria Garden 

In case you are seeking someplace to relish a private time with your partner then Victoria Garden is definitely one of the finest spots for couples.   This garden was formed up in historical times to respect and honor the Queen of London – Victoria.  The garden has been blessed with really luxurious Foliage and natural charm.  You would not need to spend any money for entry into garden and it is open throughout the week. Make sure that you have a taste of this garden once in Ahemdabad.

Thol Bird Sanctuary

This is an artificial lake located near Thol village in the Mehsana district. Marshes is enclosed with shallow freshwater. You can easily come across one hundred fifty species of birds at this amazing place. Right from Flamingo to that of Sarus crane, pelicans, ducks, herons, geese and so on. This is an ideal picnic place just twenty-six kilometers away from Ahmadabad.  If you love nature or you have the taste for photography; this is a perfect place for you. You would love the nature here and get the opportunities to take the prefect photo shots. After all, when you capture some really stunning pictures in your camera, you make a memory for yourself to look at in the future. It would definitely be a beautiful gallery of pictures here.

Regal Bhadra Fort 

This regal and stunning fort was constructed by Sultan Ahmad Shah in the year 1411 A. D.  It has a stunning looking Bhadrakali Temple that is devoted to Hindu Goddess 'Bhadrakali'. The whole fort is spread over an area of approximately forty-four acres. The fort owns a garden blended with a stunning pavilion. It is enjoyed for its stunning architecture. You can easily relish a romantic time with your partner at this stunning place.  After all, here you can experience a splendid sunset view too. You would feel historic feel and stunning time here.

Auto World Vintage Car Museum

Now, if you love to explore automobiles then you may love this spot for sure. AutoWorld Vintage Car Museum possesses a mesmeric collection of vintage cars, carts, as well as spectrum of motorcycles in India. Situated quite close to the Ahmedabad international airport, this museum possesses more than 100 cars including Chryslers, Mercedes, Rolls-Royces, Lincolns, and many more. In case you are fond of cars, then this is definitely the exact place where you must stimulate the interest and knowledge of vintage automobiles. The museum is open for you every day from 9 am to that of 9 pm and you are required to spend only fifty rupees on your entry ticket here. You would definitely love your visit at this place. 

Taranga Hills

Located simply 130 km from Ahmadabad, it is a really religious spot for Jain’s both that of Swetambaras and Digambaras. You can easily find wonderful green hills, forest in Taranga hills. Unique sights of Anartpur Fort and the Buddhist Temple are sure to amaze you too. If you are planning an outing with your loved ones and family then you can visit this place and even return in a day itself!

Jama Masjid

One of the stunning places of Ahmedabad is Jama Masjid that is located next to the Bhandara fort. It is quite popular in western India as the architecture work at this place is highly astounding. Here, you would not need to take any type of entry ticket, you can easily enter for free between 6 am to 8 pm. As per some people, it has been believed that some pieces of vandalized Hindu and Jain temples got used in its construction process. You could take a visit to this religious place when exploring Ahmedabad city.  The place sees a footfall of people of all religious groups. People visit this spot not just for spiritual factors but for its artistic structure too. You would love to visit here for sure.

Vastrapur Lake

This is the splendid lake which is spotted in the western part of Ahmedabad. The spot is one of the most loved sites. It is surrounded by rich greenery and gorgeous views. At this place, the green lawns in the surrounding are usually the most famous podium of different cultural events.  Similarly, a hypnotic garden along with intricate stonework is an added fascination. Also, if you are one of the water lovers, then you can surely relish boating. The pathways at this spot are spotted with people out for leisure and long walks. You can easily come across people of all age groups strolling and having fun at this spot.  

Nagina Wadi 

It is a fabulous garden and a preferred destination for many locals and tourists in the city. It rests in the center of the circular Kankaria Lake that provides you with an outstanding feeling to all. There are diverse food stalls nearby serving lip-smacking local food and selling souvenirs. There is even a dancing fountain in this area that you can enjoy.  You would have a lively experience at this spot for sure. Whether alone, with your partner, kids or friends; the spot entertains you.


So, just do your booking now and ensure a comfortable stay in Ahmedabad with Hyatt Ahmedabad for your next vacation to Ahemdabad. These tourist spots along with many more are going to make your time there phenomenal.


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