The Global Trucking Industry And The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

The Global Trucking Industry And The Role Of Artificial Intelligence

The role of Artificial Intelligence in transport services can be seen in each and every field these days. In order to maintain and optimum level of operational efficiency, there is need to rope Artificial Intelligence as it helps to minimize cost and enhance performance of fleet operators.

Predictive maintenance systems backed by Artificial Intelligence offer superior prediction of things. It facilitates right steps to avoid machine failure by amalgamating data from Internet of Things (IoT) sensors, external sources and maintenance logs. Transport companies are taking to Artificial Intelligence in a big way. From truck booking to freight management there is no area where Logistics Company, now do not seek AI.

Evolution of Artificial Intelligence in Trucking

The transport service is now slowly and steadily moving towards becoming autonomous. There are so many wonderful features which have come up which basically change the entire scenario. Innovative features like parking assistants, LDWS, ACC, lane keep assist are now a part of most of the vehicles. So, job of the driver is just keeping a tab on traffic and treading accordingly. The driver benefits from presence of automated braking and steering system. What is great, that he can also keep his hands off the steering wheel without any problem?  Isn’t this actually revolutionary? It has been anticipated that by 2020 the automation will reach to Level 3. This means that there will be adding of features such as LDWS, LKA, ACC, PA, driver monitoring, automatic emergency braking in a vehicle. Now the drivers will be able to shift the vehicles to safety functions whenever the need for the same comes up.

Trucking industry and Artificial Intelligence

Truck platooning as well as autonomous trucks seems to be the future. AI basically encompasses the use of different machine learning system such as computer vision, deep learning, and natural language processing and context awareness. Deep learning is basically an advanced form of Artificial Intelligence. It is actually an advanced way of taking decisions. It actually thrives on data. If more data is put inside the deep learning system, it will become lot easier to identify as well as generalize patterns.

Driving will become a lot safer as a result. Computer vision is a hugely promising learning system. It has applications in traffic sign detection, lane departure warning and detection of level of drowsiness of a driver. The main aim of computer vision technology is interpreting of picture which is got via a high-resolution camera. This plays a vital role in areas like HIM and also in autonomous and semi- autonomous vehicles.

Wrapping up

With AI making a huge impact, things are changing for better. With better technology superior solutions will be available to the customers. The online transporter is far more efficient that it was when things started. Additional safety systems will be available along with installing of real time navigation systems. Predictive maintenance will ensure that vehicles stay in good condition and chances of break down reduced to a minimum.

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