How To Purge Sweet Cravings While Being On Diet? Confused What To Do?

How To Purge Sweet Cravings While Being On Diet? Confused What To Do?


Cheesecake, chocolate pudding, honey dripping pancakes, caramel tart etc.

If you are someone who got watery mouth after reading the above desserts, then you surely have a sweet tooth. People on diet always crave for desserts, especially those who have a sweet tooth. And they always are jealous of those who have a fast metabolism or those who don’t gain weight even after binge eating their whole lives (laughs).

Diet and desserts don’t go hand in hand

  • This is what all of us have been hearing and to hear when we start with dieting or are on a diet.
  • Moreover, sweet cravings are not what our body demands, instead of a “reward” which our brain demands.
  • But if you are someone who gets sweet cravings frequently, then succumbing to those cravings is not a solution.
  • But if you think we are freaking you out instead of providing a solution to it, then wait! Sweet things come only after you wait.

Let’s head to the solution:


1. Increase protein intake

If you have high carbs diet, then your body uses all the starch and wants sugary sugar for instant energy. Protein instead would make you feel full instead and a satisfied eater obviously doesn’t need eclair (winks)!

2. Give in a bit

If you are craving for sweet, then don’t give up completely to that craving. Instead only a bit so that your craving is also satisfied and you don’t end up gorging on more sugar. This works wonders if you take only a little bit and not completely as then this won’t hold any worth to it.

3. Try combining foods

If you really want that pie or cookie, then the best way to do so is to combine it with a healthy option. This will conform to your craving in a healthy way. Like if you love chocolate, dip your favorite food in chocolate, freeze and then have it. This will combine both the nutrients of the fruit and taste of the chocolate. Or if you want some chocolate chips, mix them with some nuts!

4. Go away

If you crave for sugar, then go away from it and take a walk around. This would release endorphins, a “feel good” chemical which helps you curb your sweet craving and thus you won’t end up eating sweet while being on a diet. Or you can also go for a run as not only will it take you away from the food you are wanting but would also release the hormones which are released when you go for a walk!

5. Dip in some hot water

Now we are not asking you to sip in hot water, instead, take a hot water shower. Studies have revealed that if you are craving anything, be it sugar or junk, it is suppressed when you come out of the hot shower as you feel rejuvenated and fresh. Let the hot water run over your body for 5-10 minutes and do wonders!

6. Have fruit in the “morning”

We all are told to have fruits and vegetables in our diet for a well-balanced meal but the time at which you have you have your fruit is also really important.

Studies have shown that when you eat a fruit in the afternoon, you crave for something sweet in the later part of the day. But if consumed in the early morning on an empty stomach, helps a lot in forbidding from sugar consumption.

7. Stay away from artificial sweeteners

As already stated in point number 1 and 2, either opt for a little portion of sweet you are craving for or combine with natural things around. But even if you are having something sweet, avoid artificial sweeteners as they are not only harmful to your body, but to your diet. Natural sugar works wonders like honey, jaggery etc. Even sugar-free sugar must be avoided because it’s common sense, how can sugar be sugar-free? Though companies do claim that this is the case, it might also be. No grudges against sugar-free sugar, but if you are craving for sugar, natural sugar must be on top of your list.

8. Eat at regular intervals

Now, this might be obvious to many but doing so actually curbs the rise in sugar levels which provokes higher sugar intake, leading to sugar craving! Besides the three obvious meals of breakfast, lunch and dinner, include two more meals in between to feel full and to have regulated sugar levels.

Moreover, cravings occur out of hunger also. Keep yourself prepared with pre-cooked meals and healthy snacks to curb hunger.

9. Practice yoga and mindfulness

Last but not least, sugar cravings are also blamed on to stress and lethargic lifestyle. Thus practice yoga and mindfulness to shoo away negative thoughts and to break through a monotonous and mundane life!

And yes, we have helped you with everything you can do to curb sugar cravings while still being on a diet. Hope you loved reading! And if you want recipes that you can try while still being on diet, do comment in the comment section below so that we could come up with a new blog about the same!

Happy reading readers!

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